Let's Chat.

 Let's have a Sacred Soul Chat. 

Truth Bomb: asdk;jfsdjkasdl;fjasdlfj;asf;al Having faith, staying centered, seeing all the good and joy in work & life isn't always easy!

And, we all know how very important this is to attracting your dreams and living a life of purpose, passion & Joy.

As a Master Soul Coach, I know how important it is to stay in a vibration of Joy for us to manifest our dreams and desires. In fact it's imperative. I also know how easy it is to step out of joy as we go from task to task and continue to get bombarded by 'life'. I've spent years and invested multiple six figures to support my clients in keeping their energy and vibration high so they can live with purpose, passion and Joy!  

Why Commit to Coaching? 

You invest in the deep work of personal growth and development with a coach because you are ready to take the next step on your journey to awakening and being empowered not because you are broken. 

You invest because you're better with it, better for it, because you get to practice being who you really are and uncover the truth within, what you really know, without it all being taken away with fears, faulty beliefs and pesky life~interrupts. Right?!  

You invest because when you are on a mission, you want to discover and stay connected with your purpose and with your passion. You want to stay focused, centered, and in a state of joy to attract exactly what you want in your work and in your life. 

You invest because you know you need to have a safe place to land, to work on who you are, to understand you are not your thoughts or your emotions but a spiritual being. You invest to step through the negative mindset, to avoid the emotional sink holes and embrace your better best self to step forward full of passion and empowered at all of life's twists and turns.  

  • You Commit and Invest to Allow the Wisdom of Your Soul to be heard and to be the leader of your life!!!!!!! 

About Your Mentor, Laura Clark

Sought after Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer, Laura empowers professionals and creatives to get off the roller coaster that delays action and then supports them to follow their own intuition.

As an International best-selling author, engaging speaker and coach, Laura brings her unique wit (aka Sassy ), & a down to earth and practical approach to empower people to embrace their own uniquely brilliant spirit and bring Soul-Wise Living into their lives for greater joy and abundance in following their passions. 

Laura knows what it's like to live in the dark, to be paralyzed by fear and to want so desperately to be fully engaged in life. She knows because she's been there and came out of the dark and now shines. She knows because of the many she has coached and helped get out of the dark and shine! 

Laura and her clients discovered the truth within and now allow that to be their guide to living empowered and in -joy. It's time to allow this for yourself. 

Check out what other people have to say about Laura's Coaching Style....

So much value in one person!

Laura brings it all to each session. She holds a sacred space of empowerment, meets me where I am and lifts me up to a new place of alignment and belief in myself.She gives her all offering simple, spirituality tips and tricks that are easy to use and offer quick support to you.

Kellyann Schaefer ~ CEO & Lifestyle Management Coach at TaskComplete

Practical, Implementable, quick support

I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, witty and down to earth spiritual "sherpa" who walks her own spiritual path daily and brings all she knows to support her clients

 Danielle Orteri ~ art historian, writer, speaker & designer of Feast On History

Laura is truly a gift!  

Anyone who is stuck on anything should absolutely work with you! The greatest thing about working with you Laura is that her magic helps people get in touch with their own intuition about how to get unstuck….and when I’m getting myself unstuck, I’ve now got a tool I can always use! It’s like you teach people HOW to fish, instead of feeding them one meal!!! You Rock Laura!!!”  

Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Expert, of Relationship Development 

Another Truth Bomb:

 This Sacred Soul Chat is a complimentary session to see where you are and how Laura, her coaching and your learning to live 'soul wise' can support you. It is not a coaching call. It allows Laura to get to know you and you to get to know Laura. It's an opportunity to see if you are a good match for coaching and if Laura is the right coach for you. Laura will be telling you about her coaching programs and the cost of investment for you. 

If you are looking for a souling coaching® master practitioner, this is a wonderful chance to do so without commiting to a session. Please do not take up your valuable time if you are not serious about investing in yourself and your future. Until you are ready to invest, you can get support by following Laura on FB, joining her living your truth community, and reading her ezines and blogs.